2014 is the year General Aviation tells them exactly what we think of the CAA

We begin 2014 with the first in a series of online surveys to give users an opportunity to have their say on the issues that currently affect GA, and client relationships with the CAA.

Our survey of CAA users is similar to what many commercial organisations do amongst their own client base to gain feedback so they can improve systems and service – and retain customer loyalty.

To the best of our knowledge, such a series of opinion surveys has never been done by the CAA.

Our aim is to highlight those areas of greatest concern to you, so GAA can concentrate on those issues in particular.

Because these matters are many and varied, we start with a short survey on just two topics. The questions cover the present system of pilot access to meteorological information, and the affect the hugely unpopular and contentious “medical application fee” has had on your flying activities.

Whilst anecdotal comments are always valuable, we must be able to back them up with some statistical data and that’s where a substantial response to our surveys is vital.

To enable the widest possible coverage, we encourage you to forward the links to our surveys to other pilots and colleagues so that we can get the greatest possible feedback from CAA clients.

Forthcoming survey subjects include audit costs (and the manner in which audits have been carried out) and the level of customer service and co-operation that you have received as a CAA client.

We have kept the number of questions to around 20 per survey so that it doesn’t become tedious and we’ll provide you with the results of a previous survey as we release details of the next one.

Please take part in the Met and Med Survey – it only takes a few minutes. Here’s the link:


Thank you – and we look forward to telling the CAA precisely what you really think of it, in great detail.