An open letter to the Minister of Transport

19 May 2013 / by Brian Mackie / Costs, Governance

Dear Mr Brownlee

I note with interest your intention to increase the tax on petrol by 3 cents per litre per year for the next three years. I note also your intention to spend all this extra income on improving our road infrastructure.

This is welcome news. Let joy be unconfined.

However, my aeroplane runs on mogas, and is only likely to come into contact with a road under the most tragic circumstances.

I notice that quite a large portion of the taxation I already lose on mogas goes into a slush fund, from which it is spent on God knows what. It certainly isn’t going towards promoting aviation.

Like you, I loathe the idea of cross-subsidisation.

Would you therefore please advise me on the best method of recovering this taxation? I would prefer to donate it to the Civil Aviation Authority, which as you know is seriously short of cash.

Yours sincerely