The first CAA Briefing: Now they’re talking a little more clearly

28 August 2018 / by the GAA team / Consultation, GA in general, Governance, News, Overview

CAA Director Graeme Harris has issued his first CAA Briefing – to the surprise of many and the downright astonishment of some.

The message was sent to everyone on the CAA’s mailing lists and it has now been published on the CAA website.

The CAA Briefing – promised monthly!

The GAA welcomes this significant improvement in customer communications. Long may it continue and develop. We have been critical of shortcomings in the Authority’s links with its customer base, and most recently raised the issue during a July meeting with Graeme Harris and the CAA Board Chairman, Nigel Gould.

Graeme Harris has also told us: “If you think of any topics you’d like covered in future briefs, feel free to let me know and we’ll certainly consider dealing with them as soon as we can.”

That invitation is open to all GAA supporters – so if you have a subject, drop us an email and we will pass on your suggestion.

The CAA is also planning an upgrade to its website, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for (something which the Director quietly admits to having personal difficulty with).