The GAA is in a holding pattern, until advised…

16 April 2020 / by the GAA team / Adventure, Employment, GA in general, Governance, Maintenance, Medical, News, Overview

Tied down until further notice

Like everyone else, the GAA’s in lockdown, and we’ve decided to remain virtually inactive as advocates until the fog and uncertainty surrounding this terrible disease begins to clear.

We can be sure that coronavirus will have profound negative effects on all forms of aviation in New Zealand. At stake is the future of our national carrier – and the knock-on damage to the CAA and Airways, whose income has all but disappeared, cannot be predicted.

Coronavirus will hit everyone in some way or another, but particularly those working in tourism – and that includes GA operators who depend on visitors. We can expect many of them to go to the wall. A question mark even hangs over our much-loved Aviation News.

Two months ago, flight training (and the demand for aircrew) was going gang-busters. Then, almost overnight hundreds, if not thousands, of pilots, cabin staff, air traffic controllers and support personnel in New Zealand were rendered idle. Regional airports were effectively mothballed.

Pilots in training are reassessing their future; younger people can see that a career in aviation could be precarious.

And New Zealand flight training organisations are in dire straits; the flow of foreign students, on which many depended, has completely evaporated.

Although we are grounded, we’re still listening out. You’re welcome to contact us about any GA-related concerns by using the contact form on this website.

We sincerely hope that you and yours remain safe and well.