Welcome to the new-look website

01 April 2018 / by the GAA team / Housekeeping

We have redesigned the website’s ‘look and feel’, for quicker access to the headline news and easier use of other features. At the same time, we’ve changed the typeface to make everything more readable.

After being in the air for six years, we thought the website needed a refresh.

And we’ve quietly changed from being ‘the General Aviation Advocacy group of New Zealand’ to ‘the General Aviation Advocacy network’, which is a lot snappier and more accurately reflects what the GAA has become since it began in 2012.

The GAA is now a much wider social network. Some of its more than 2000 supporters do not live or fly in New Zealand (although almost all of them are kiwis).

Gone is the old Comments column, but now anyone can use the new Contact form to say what they think about what’s on the website, as well as report issues, make a complaint about us (or the powers-that-be) and seek information or personal assistance about anything related to general aviation in New Zealand.

You can also use this form to become a new GAA ‘subscriber’. Just tick the box.

It costs nothing to subscribe and you will receive regular updates by email, sometimes before the information is published here.