Want to subsidise Airways and the airlines? Have your say on ADS-B

17 March 2019 / by the GAA team / Consultation, Costs, GA in general, Governance, News, Opinion, Safety

ADS-B: It’s now time for everyone in GA to squawk, very loudly

Most aircraft owners will be aware that, as part of the New Southern Sky (NSS) programme, Airways is moving to Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B). The current secondary radar service will be replaced by ADS-B as the main source of surveillance information for separation of aircraft in controlled airspace.

The CAA’s proposed rule change would make ADS-B mandatory for all aircraft in controlled airspace below Flight Level 245 from 31 Dec 2021.

The CAA has an online feedback form, on which you can express your views on this proposed rule change.

The form contains details of the estimated cost of purchase and installation of ADS-B equipment (in some instances, $13,000). This will enable you to balance the cost of potentially being locked out from operating within controlled airspace if you do not have ADS-B installed in your aircraft, should this proposed mandate succeed.

When transponders were first introduced into New Zealand, a subsidy was offered for the purchase of that equipment. Significantly, no such subsidy has been offered for ADS-B equipment and installation. Despite repeated requests to the CAA and the MoT for information on that subject, we – and everyone else – have been unable to get a definitive answer.

The major beneficiaries of the introduction of ADS-B in New Zealand are Airways and the airlines. The GAA believes that, for a general adoption of ADS-B by GA aircraft owners to happen, the entire cost of equipment and 50% of installation charges must be borne by the MoT and Airways. Otherwise, for the owners of many recreational aircraft, the projected costs are prohibitive.

If you wish to make a submission not using the feedback form, it may be sent by email to the CAA.

Submissions close at 5pm on 5 April 2019.

The GAA backs the position taken by the New Zealand Aviation Federation:

The NZ Aviation Federation cannot support the proposal for GA VFR ADS-B below FL245 without the capital cost being shared across all users of the aviation system

and considers it unfair and unreasonable to expect GA VFR to replace fully functional transponders so that Airways NZ can save an equivalent amount in replacement infrastructure.