Thank heaven! We are not alone

28 March 2013 / by Brian Mackie / Consultation, Costs, Governance, Maintenance, Medical, Privacy, Safety, Security

Take a look at this, and ask: Are they talking about our New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority?

CAA complaints 01
CAA complaints 02
The answer is, of course, no – it’s a summary of the results of a 2013 UK CAA customer survey undertaken by Clarity Research among 74 UK aviation companies, and it makes grim reading. We understand that as a result, the UK CAA is taking a close look at its complaints service.

These findings are reported on a website called CAA Complaints and this group appears so similar to GAA in New Zealand that we’re inclined to call them brothers and sisters.

Like us, CAA Complaints has been worried about the reluctance of British CAA victims to speak out, citing the fear of repercussions, and it’s done a little research on the subject, which we are delighted to report:

Many people told us the following in private:

“We see what you are doing and support you all the way, but please don’t let them know of my involvement as they will retaliate.”

We have spent a long time trying to understand how come otherwise outstanding professionals that have no reluctance in facing obstacles are so concerned with the consequences of speaking out about their beliefs and experiences, and then we stumbled on an explanation.

The Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other. Whereby the other person essentially mistakes a lack of abuse for an act of kindness.”

We are working to dispel this condition as we think that in a free society the regulator must be accountable, transparent and impartial.

Do you get the eerie feeling that you have heard all this before – perhaps in a recurring nightmare – and that we may not be alone?

And wouldn’t it be useful to conduct a similar survey of NZ CAA customers?

We’re working on it.